Sponsored 630 mile walk in aid of The Crito Project

Sponsor Ben

7th July-18th August ... 
630 miles ...
One pair of legs


On the 12th July, Ben Walker (our lead tutor) will start his 630 mile-walk along the Southwest Coastal Path, England's longest waymarked footpath. Ben is making the journey to  raise much-needed funds for The Crito Project, so please give generously if you can: the Project receives no institutional funding, and is run entirely on a voluntary basis.  

The Southwest Coastal Path

Running from Minehead in Somerset, up and down along the Jurassic Coast of Devon and Cornwall, and ending in Poole Harbour in Dorset, the path stretches for 630 miles. Generations of coastguards patrolled this coast, checking on lighthouses and searching for smugglers, and today the path still closely hugs each harbour and crannie along the shoreline. The total height climbed has been calculated to be 35,031 m, almost four times the height of Mount Everest.